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Here is an opportunity to do something that will


Help WCRP make a difference.



America was formed on the idea of liberty - living independent of government tyranny.  Being an American is about living free - having freedom to act without restrictions, live as and where one chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions.

It does not matter what one does for a living or where you were born. Every American has the opportunity to do anything and be anything, no matter their birth or present circumstances, only their talents and personal ambition.

Americans have rights, privileges and responsibilities to be whoever they want to be.


Help us maintain these rights and freedoms. It is ultimately up to you and your friends and family.

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Select the Get Involved tab and then download the Membership Form or click Sign Up and we will email one to you. We are not yet set up for online payments, so please write a check and send it to us with your completed form.

If you are a current member, you can click on the Account Login button - the first time, reset your password using the "forgot" method. This allows you to manage your own information.

WCRP Membership form

Click to open WCRP Membership Form.


Print form and mail completed form with check to WCRP office. Address noted on form.


Now is the time to volunteer with the GOP in the Reddest County in the State of Wisconsin.

Contact WCRP for more information at

Become a part of the Washington County victory team. Together we will bring new faces and new voices into the Republican Party and that means a better Wisconsin for all of us.

• Parades – come walk in the parade with us.

• Staff the Booth at the Washington County Fair!

• Write letters to the Editor.

• Help keep our office open.

• Volunteer at our events.


As a service to our members and visitors, contact information for the editors of newspaper publications that cover Washington County is provided.

Express News 262-238-6397 Letters should be mailed to PO Box 335, Germantown WI 53022.

Daily News 262-306-5000 Letters should be mailed to 100 S. Sixth Ave., West Bend 53095. Letters should be sent to

The Daily News welcome letters to the editor. Requirements: letters be no longer than 300 words in length, legibly written or typed, author signed, and telephone number and address be included where the author can be reached. Only letters including the name of the writer will be published. Letter writers are limited to one letter per month. Daily News reserve the right to edit for length, libel and content in poor taste.

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